NATURAL STONE collection



 Valensa Grey Polished

Victory Dolomite Polished

Dolomite White Polished

Skyline Polished Marble

Saturnia Travertine

Emperador Light Marble 

Valensa Grey Beige Shade

Silver Travertine Brushed / Chiseled

Picasso Travertine 

Philly Travertine Brushed / Chiseled

Pearl Polished Marble 

Scabos Travertine

Burdur Beige Marble

Burdur Beige Marble Brushed / Chiseled

Valensa Grey Marble Dark Shade

Noce Travertine Brushed / Chiseled

Philly Travertine Pattern Dark Shade 

Pearl Marble Brushed / Chiseled

Valensa Grey Pattern  Brushed St Edge

Galaxy Travertine Filled Honed

Dolomite White Polished

Silver Travertine Brushed / Chiseled

Ivory Traverine Brushed / Chiseled

Beige Travertine Brushed / Chiseled 

Burdur Beige Marble Brushed / Chiseled 

Buff Sand Stone Pavers

Peanut Sand Stone Pavers

Light Grey Sand Stone Pavers

Black Sand Stone Pavers

Paver Copings for Steps / Pools

Paver Copings for Steps / Pools

3D Silver Wall Stone

3D Carrera Wall Stone

3D Athena Blend Wall Stone

3D Valensa Grey Wall Stone

Split Face White Crystal Quartz

Split Face Coco 

Split Face Picasso 

Split Face Valensa Grey 

4x12 Valensa Grey 

4x12 Burdur Beige 

Hexagon Athena Blend 

Diamond Multi Finish Carrera + Valensa 

Zerra Black Hexagon 

Lantern Valensa Grey 

Lantern Carrera 

Lantern Silver 

Lantern Skyline 

Lantern Crema Marfil 

Lantern Carrera 

Lantern Carrera + Grey 

Silver Roman Pattern 

Random Stack Carrera + Valensa 

2x4 Skyline Polished 

2x4 Picasso 

2x4 Crema Marfil 

2x4 Valensa Grey 

2x2 Skyline 

2x4 Ocean Wave 

Random Strip Athena Blend

Roman Pattern Valensa Grey 

Valensa Grey Chevron 

Carrera Hexagon 

Pearl Chevron 

Skyline Hexagon 

1x2 Silver Split Face 

3D Wooden Grey Mosaic

1x2 Carrera Split Face 

1x3 Herringbone Carrera 

1x3 Herringbone Athena Blend

5/8 Strip Carrera + Grey 

5/8 Strip Athena Blend 

5/8 Strip Wooden Grey 

5/8 Strip Coco 

2x4 Dolomite White 

1x3 Parke Wooden Grey 

Roman Pattern Carrera 

Framo Carrera 

Picasso Hexagon 

Framo Wooden Grey 

Silver Light Shade Split Face

Dolomite Split Face 

3D wooden Grey Wall Stone

3D Saturnia Wall Stone 

Burdur Beige Marble Polished 

Silver Travertine Filled Honed

Pearl Marble Polished

Valensa Grey Polished Marble Character Shade

Picasso Travertine Filled Honed

Noce Travertine Filled Honed

Carrera Polished Marble

Skyline Polished Marble

Valensa Grey Polished Marble

Bursa Beige Polished Marble

Saturnia Travertine Filled Honed

Ocean Wavy Onyx Polished 

Siberia Marble Polished 

Philly Travertine Filled Honed

Navona Travertine Filled Honed

Silver Travertine Filled Honed

Beige Travertine Filled Honed

Saturnia Filled Honed Chiseled 

Moderna Carrera + Dark Grey 

Modern Carrera + Valensa Grey 

Moderna Carrera + Afyon Grey

Silver Travertine DARK Shade Filled Honed

Silver Travertine DARK Shade Pattern

Galaxy Travertine Filled Honed

Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Filled Honed


1. The Beauty of Natural Stone is that no two pieces are a like. The natural variation and characters found in stone cannot ever be replicated and is timeless, never going out of fashion. Where as trends in Porcelain tiles are changing constantly.

1. Natural Stone Tiles & Mosaics can be used in all interior and exterior applications like Kitchens, Foyers, Bathrooms, Patios, Pool Surrounds, Exterior Cladding as well as commercial high traffic applications. Natural Stone Pavers & Wall Cladding products can be used in Exterior applications and can withstand Extreme Weather conditions.

3. Attainable price points ranging from $2 to $6 sqft average. As a direct manufacturer of Natural Stones Stone Tiles / Mosaics / Wall Cladding / Pavers - We provide premium quality products of the latest styles at the most competitive prices in the market guaranteed. 

4. Using Natural Stone will make your space more LUXURIOUS and will increase the value of your home ( in comparison to using ceramic / porcelain ) . This is one important feature in a house that really defines and differentiates a regular house from a Luxury high end house.

5. Natural Stones are generally maintenance free and do not have to be sealed. But applying sealer once every 5 years will help protect it and keep it looking new. Sealing is very simple. For example covering 300 sqft will cost you $20 for the bottle and can be applied within 30 minutes.

6. Stones can be cleaned simply with warm water and soft non detergent soaps. Just remember not to apply any kind of harsh chemicals to Stones or any other hard surface flooring.

Navona Pattern Filled Honed Chiseled

Cappuccino Travertine Filled Honed

Galaxy Travertine Filled Honed Chiseled

11x23 Bianco Ibiza Polished Marble

Galaxy Travertine Filled Honed

Scabos Travertine Pattern Brushed Chiseled 

The surface of this product is a smooth matt finish and all the holes are filled in during production with a special durable cement that is permanent.

This surface finish is shiny and gives the product a more formal appearance. This finish is mostly popular with marble materials.

This surface gives an antiqued appearance with a smooth yet rustic finish. It is the same finish as the brushed however, furthermore the edges are also slightly chipped all around to achieve a more distinct look. The surface comes unfilled and the end user has the option to leave it in its natural state or have it filled in with sanded grout after installation.

This surface gives an antiqued appearance with a smooth yet rustic finish. During production the abrasives that are applied to the surface of this stone eat away sharp holes and edges to give it a perfect feel on bare feet. This surface comes unfilled and the end user has the option to leave it in its natural state or have it filled in with sanded grout after installation.


12x12 / 12x24 Black Slate 

12x12 / 12x24 California Slate 

Picasso Travertine Brushed / Chiseled 

Afyon Dark Grey Marble Brushed Chiseled


Carrera Herringbone

Picket Fusion Marble Polished

Large Hexagon Dark Grey Polished

1x3 Fusion Herringbone

Carrera Large Hexagon Polished


Lantern Black Sky Marble Polished

Picket Carrera Marble Polished

Valensa Grey Roman Pattern

12x12 Carrera Verona Mosaic

10.5 x 12 Carrera Small Strip

Carrera Large Lantern 

2x4 Statuario Polished

12X24 Black Sky Marble Polished